Tableau Selection Filter

This article shows how to create or use the Tableau Selection Filter to restrict the data in a report with an example. First, drag the English Product Subcategory Name to the Rows shelf and the Sales Amount to the Text Shelf to generate a table.

Tableau Selection Filter Example

The first approach is to drag and drop the English Product Subcategory Name to the Filters shelf to create a filter. The second approach is to click the down arrow beside the Subcategory and select the Filter option.

Choose it from the Rows shelf

Either of the above two approaches will display the below window. Under the General Tab, the Select from the List option has been selected by default. In this Tableau Selection Filter example, we explore this section thoroughly.

It will display all the English Product Subcategory Names available in the data source. Use the Enter search text section to search for the field names. Please uncheck the unwanted names and click the Apply button. As you can see, all those names have disappeared from the table.

Tableau Selection Filter to uncheck unwanted columns

Exclude: This Tableau Selection Filter option excludes or removes all the selected (checkmarked) names.

Exclude option in Tableau Selection Filter

All: This button will select all the columns. Let me uncheck the Exclude button to display all the Subcategory names.

If you checkmark the Exclude option and click the All button, then all the Subcategory names will be removed from the report. It displays the blank report.

Show All button to select all columns

Use the Edit Filters option to open the Filters window.

Edit Tableau Selection Filter

The following is the list of remaining filters.

  1. Conditional Filters
  2. Context Filters
  3. Data Source Filters
  4. Extract Filters
  5. Filters on Dimensions
  6. Filters on Measures
  7. Quick Filters
  8. Slicing Filters
  9. Top and Bottom Filters
  10. Keep and Exclude Filters
  11. Action Filters
  12. Parameters
  13. String Parameters