Difference between Database Dimension and Cube Dimension in SSAS

In SQL Server Analysis Services, there are two types of Dimensions

  • Database Dimension
  • Cube Dimension

Database Dimension in SSAS

All the dimensions that are created using the Dimension Wizard of the Solution Explorer treated as database dimensions. In other words, the dimensions which are at the Database level are called Database Dimensions.

Database dimensions are independent of the cubes so that a single Database dimension can use in multiple cubes. Please refer Create Dimensions in SSAS article to understand, How to create Database Dimensions in SQL Server Analysis Services

SSAS Database Dimension

From the above figure, all the dimensions such as Dim Customer, Dim Product, etc., which placed under the Dimensions folder, are Database Dimensions.

Cube Dimension in SSAS

A cube dimension is an instance of a database dimension within a cube. Cube dimension is accessible inside that particular Cube, We can’t access the cube dimension in another cube. Please refer to Create Cube Dimension in SSAS article to understand how to create Cube Dimensions in SQL Server Analysis Services.

Cube Dimension in SSAS 3

From the above screenshot, All the Dimensions in the Dimensions Pane called Cube Dimensions, and Dimensions in the solution explorer called as Database Dimensions.

Difference Between Database Dimension and Cube Dimension in SSAS

  • The Database dimension has only Name and ID properties, whereas a Cube dimension has several more features.
  • Database dimensions created once, and we can use them in multiple cubes.
  • Cube dimensions are just a point of reference to the Database dimension. We can’t access the cube dimensions outside the Cube
  • Cube dimensions can create more than ones (we called it them as Role Playing Dimensions).

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