Deploy Reports using SSRS Report Manager

In SSRS, Deploying the reports is very easy and straightforward, and thanks to Microsoft for giving multiple ways to deploy reports. In this article, we will explain how to Deploy Reports using SSRS Report Manager

We already explained the steps involved in Deploying the reports using the BIDS in Deploying Reports article.

Before we start to deploy reports using SSRS Report Manager, Let’s open Report Manager see the existing Data Sources, Datasets, and reports.

Existing Reports

Deploy Reports using SSRS Report Manager

To deploy Reports, the Report manager provides an option called Upload File. In this example, we will use this option to deploy the Dashboard report that we created in our previous article.

Click Upload a File Tab

By clicking the Upload File Menu item, it will open the following page. You can use this page to upload .rdl, .smdl, Shared datasets, Report Parts into the report manager. Or you can say, Use this Report manager page to deploy SSRS reports.

  • Browse: This button will open the File dialogue box to browse the local file system and select the required file.
  • Name: Once you upload a file, this text box will automatically fill with the selected file name, but you have an option to change it as per your requirements.
  • Overwrite item if it exists: If there is a file with the same name in the report manager, then selecting this option will overwrite the existing file.
Upload File page opens 3

As you can see, we are selecting the Dashboard report present in the Documents -> Projects -> Charts folder.

Browse and Select a report to upload

Click OK to upload or deploy the report

Click OK

Now you can see our deployed report on the Report Manager Home page. Please click on the deployed report to see the report preview

View deployed report in SSRS report manager

As you can see, it does not display the report; perhaps, it is showing a message – The report Server cannot process the report. This reference for the shared dataset ‘DashboardDS’ is not valid.

We are getting this message because the report dataset is not pointing to any of the Shared Datasets (SharedDS).

Process report Error

Let us change the dataset properties of the deployed report. To do so, click the down arrow beside the Dashboard report to open the menu items. Please select the Manage option from the menu items.

Choose Mange option

Once you select the Manage option, the Report manager will navigate you to a new page with the following tabs. Under the properties tab, it will show the Report Created user, created and modified dates, and the Report size.

Properties tab

To change the dataset properties, please navigate to the Shared Datasets tab. As you can see from the below screenshot, it is showing an error that we have been explaining till now.

Please click the browse button to select the shared dataset.

Deploy Reports using Manager Errors

Clicking the Browse button will show you the list of available folders and the data sets in the Report Manager.

From the below screenshot, you can see that we are selecting the SharedDS present in the Datasets folder.

Select Shared DataSet

Click the Apply button to apply the change to the report.

Apply the Shared Dataset

Please click on the report to see the report preview

View Deployed Reports using Manager

Now you can see the preview of the SSRS Deployed report using Report Manager.

View deployed dashboard in report manager