Add Video to Power BI Dashboard

Let us see how to add Video to the dashboard with a practical example. For this Add Video to Power BI Dashboard demonstration, we will insert a YouTube into the Sixth dashboard that we showed below.

Open My workspace 1

How to add Video to Power BI Dashboard

In order to add Vimeo or YouTube videos to the existing Power BI dashboard, please click on the Add tile button.

Add Tile 2

Clicking on the Add tile button opens the following window. Please select the Video under the Media section and click the Next button.

Add Video to Power BI Dashboard 3

Under the Add Video to Power BI Dashboard tile section, we have

  • Display Title and subtitle: Please checkmark this option to display the Video title and subtitle.
  • Title: Specify the title
  • Subtitle: Provide the subtitle for this video
  • Video URL: Please provide the URL. Remember, it only accepts YouTube or Vimeo videos.
Add Video to Power BI Dashboard 4

In this Power BI example, we want to insert or add a YouTube video to the dashboard. So, we added the iPhone X. Click the Apply button.

Click the apply button 5

Now you can see the Video inside our Power BI Dashboard.

Add Video to Power BI Dashboard 6

By clicking that marked section, the video pops out of the Dashboard and plays in the bottom left corner.

View Dasboard 7

Let me edit the Video tile.

As you can see from the below screenshot, it has a few more options inside it.

  • Set Custom Link: Please check mark this option to provide a custom link to this Video.
  • External Link: If you select this option, you have to specify the Video URL
  • Link to a dashboard or report in the current workspace: If you select this option, then you have to select the dashboard or a report from the current workspace
  • URL: Please provide the external video URL.

If you checkmark this Set Custom Link, then the YouTube video that we specified in our previous step remains the same. However, it creates a hyperlink that links to another Video or another dashboard or Report.

Let me add another video as the External link.

Add Link and Custom URL 8

As you can see from the screenshot below, our iPhone X video remained the same. But, if you click the … on the top right corner, it shows the Open Hyperlink option.

Add Video to Power BI Dashboard 9

Selecting that option opens YouTube with another media.