Talend Download and Install

In this section, we explain the required steps involved to download and install Talend open studio.

In order to download Talend, please go to the official Talend website and select the data integration tool. Depending upon the device, you can choose the download option. Mine is in Windows, so I am picking the Windows download option.

Talend Download and Install 1

The Talend data integration tool is an open-source ETL tool. You can use this tool to get the hands-on experience of data integration or create your own projects.

By default, the Talend data integration tool downloaded in zip archive. Please use any software to unzip the file.

Talend Download and Install 2

And let me open the unzipped folder to see the files inside the Talend software. To start using the application, please click on the file that I marked in the below image.

Talend Download and Install 3

Once you double-click the application, the following image will be open. Please click I accept button. There are some situations where you get some errors, which means there is no Java installed in your machine. Or there is a version mismatch (32-bit and 64-bit ) of the installed Java. Please open the command prompt and check your installed (if any) Java if not try to install it from the official website.

Talend Download and Install 4

And this is a page where you can create a new project. As you can see, there are three options.

  • Create a new project: this option will create a new project with a specified name given in the empty textbox.
  • Important demo project: Use this option to import a demo project provided by Talend.
  • Important existing projects: Use this option to import the already created current projects.

As I Installed a fresh copy, I don’t have any existing projects installed in my machine. So I’m selecting the create a new project option and assigned a name called to TutorialGateway. The Manage connections button helps you to manage the connection options. Let me click on this button to show you the available options.

Talend Download and Install 5

As you can see from the below image, you can change the name description, user email ID, and workspace location. By default, the Talend will select the default Workspace to save the files or project files. However, you can change the location by clicking the three dots button. The delete existing projects button will help you to delete the existing projects. For now, we are leaving all the default values, so click the Ok button.

Talend Download and Install 6

Please wait until the SDK components are loaded.

Talend Download and Install 7

When you open the Talend open studio for the first time, it will do a quick tour of the user interface to become familiar with the components.

Talend Download and Install 8

It is a repository

Talend Download and Install 9

Design Workspace

Talend Download and Install 10

Configuration Tabs

Talend Download and Install 11


Talend Download and Install 12

By default, it will show you a sample demo job. You can run and see the result also.

Talend Download and Install 13