Python set len method

The len is one of the set methods used to find the length of a set (total number of items). This section discusses how to use this Python len set function, and the basic syntax behind this is:


Python set len Example

The len function helps you find the set length or the total number of items in a given one. First, we declared an empty set and found its length. Next, we declared a numeric set and find its length using this len function.

TIP: Please refer to Sets in Python.

emptySet = {}
print("\nOld Set Items = ", emptySet)

print("Length of a Set = ", len(emptySet))
myIntSet = {15, 25, 35, 45, 55}
print("\nOld Set Items = ", myIntSet)

print("Length of a Set = ", len(myIntSet))
Python set Len Example 1