MySQL YEARWEEK is one of the Date Functions, which returns the Year and Week of the given date. The mode argument in this YearWeek function works exactly the same as the Week() function.

In this article, we show you how to use this MySQL YearWeek function to get the calendar year and Week number with an example. The basic syntax of this method is as shown below:


YEARDATE(date, mode);

Here, the Mode is an optional argument. For example, if Mode = 0, then the week starts on Sunday, and the return value is between 0 and 53.

MySQL YEARWEEK function Example

The following examples help you understand the use of this YEARWEEK method. Here, we are returning the calendar Year and week number of different dates.

SELECT YEARWEEK('2018-05-17');

SELECT YEARWEEK('2018-12-31');

SELECT YEARWEEK('2018-10-19');
YEAR WEEK Example 1

Let us see another example of the YEAR WEEK Date method. This time, we are using the MySQL Mode argument as the second argument value. Please refer to Week() query.

SELECT YEARWEEK('2018-12-31', 6);

SELECT YEARWEEK('2018-01-01', 2);

SELECT YEARWEEK('2018-01-01', 7);
MySQL YEARWEEK function 2