MySQL UNHEX Function

MySQL UNHEX is one of the String Function, which is to convert the Hexadecimal number into the bytes represented by the Number. The return value of this method is a binary string. We can call this MySQL UNHEX function as an inverse of HEX(). The basic syntax of the UNHEX Function is as shown below:

SELECT UNHEX(String_Value);

The characters that we specify as the MySQL UNHEX argument must represent legal hexadecimal digits, such as 0 to 9, A to F, and a to f. If you provide any of the non-hexadecimal digits, it returns NULL.

MySQL Un-Hexadecimal Function Example

The UnHexadecimal Function in MySQL converts the Hexadecimal digits to a string. The following String Function query shows you multiple ways to use this UNHEX function.

SELECT UNHEX('4D7953514C');

SELECT UNHEX('5475746F7269616C2047617465776179');

MySQL UNHEX Function 1

Let me take another MySQL example. Please refer to HEX() method article.

SELECT UNHEX('31303030');

SELECT UNHEX('31303040');

SELECT UNHEX('31302040');
MySQL UNHEX Function 2