The MySQL Position function is a synonym of Locate method. This String Function is useful for finding the index position of the first occurrence of a substring in a string expression.

Let me show you how to write String Position to find the substring index position with an example. The basic syntax of string Position is as shown below:

POSITION(Substring IN String)

MySQL Position Function Example

The String Function finds the index position of a substring. The following query shows multiple ways to use this one.

SELECT POSITION('a' IN 'tutorialgateway');

SELECT POSITION('g' IN 'tutorialgateway');

SELECT POSITION('o' IN 'Hello World');
Example 1

It is another example of this.

SELECT POSITION('abc' IN 'This is abc working in abc Company');

SELECT POSITION('in' IN 'This is abc working in abc Company');

SELECT POSITION('is' IN 'This is abc working in abc Company');
Example 2

Example 2

In this example method, we implement this string Position on different columns present in the employe table. The following MySQL statement finds the first occurrence of @, com, and mail words from the Email column. Next, it returns the position. Please refer to the Locate Function article.

SELECT FirstName,
       POSITION('@' IN Email),
       POSITION('com' IN Email),
       POSITION('mail' IN Email) AS Mail
 FROM employe;