MySQL HOUR Function

MySQL Hour is one of the Date Functions, which returns the Hour from the given time. This Hour function returns the time value from 0 to 23. However, if the time is huge, this method returns a value greater than 23. The syntax of the Hour method is as shown below:

HOUR(Time or DateTime expression);

MySQL Hour function Example

These examples help you understand its use or its functionality of it. Here, we are returning the hours from different times and a DateTime expression.

SELECT HOUR('11:12:03');

SELECT HOUR('23:12:33');

SELECT HOUR('2019-01-12 03:12:33');
MySQL Get HOURS Example 1

Let us see another example of the Hour Date method. Here, we are using NOW, UTC_TIME, and UTC_TIMESTAMP inside this method to get the Hour from the current date and time.



HOUR Example 2

Hour Example 2

The following query shows you what happens when we try to return the hours from the string DateTime, invalid time, or 0 as the time value.


SELECT HOUR('10:12:87');

SELECT HOUR('00:00:00');
MySQL HOUR Function 3

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