MySQL ADDTIME function is one of the Date Functions, used to add time to existing time or DateTime expression. The basic syntax of the ADDTIME Function is as shown below:

ADDTIME(DateTime1 or Time_Expression1, Time_Expression2);

This ADDTIME function adds the Time_Expression2 value to DateTime1 or Time_Expression1.

MySQL ADDTIME function Example

The following are the list examples that help you understand the use of this MySQL ADD TIME function to add a specified time to a given time or DateTime expression.

In this Addtime function example, first, we are adding 12 Hours, 10 Minutes, and 12 Seconds to a time expression. Next, we added the same along with 111222 Microseconds.

SELECT ADDTIME('10:11:22', '12:10:12');

SELECT ADDTIME('10:11:22', '12:10:12.111222');

SELECT ADDTIME('10:11:22.333444', '12:10:12.111222');
MySQL ADDTIME Function 1

In this MySQL Add Time function example, we added 12 Hours, 10 Minutes, 12 Seconds, and 111222 Microseconds. Next, we used 90 Hours and 3600 Hours. The impact of adding these many hours change the date’s value too.

SELECT ADDTIME('2019-02-28 16:11:22.333444', '12:10:12.111222');

SELECT ADDTIME('2019-02-28 16:11:22.333444', '90:10:12.111222');

SELECT ADDTIME('2019-02-28 16:11:22.333444', '3600:10:12');
MySQL ADDTIME Function 2