Download and Install Python

How to Download and Install Python on Windows (irrespective of the version) with screenshots?. Installing the Python IDE in windows includes the following steps. So, Please follow the Download and Installation of Python steps.

Steps to Download and install Python in windows

Here, we are downloading and installing Python on windows. And it is same for Mac users also.

Python Download for windows

To download Python for windows, first Go to the official Python website by clicking this link Download Link. It shows you the Downloads page of the official Python website.

Here, you can select the Python Version. For now, we are selecting the latest version (i.e., 3.6.1). Click on the download Python 3.6.1 button to start the download process. Once you click on the download Python 3.6.1 button, a pop-up window opened to save this file on windows. Please select the Save File option.

Download and Install Python 2

Python Installation in windows

The step by step approach to perform Python installation in windows 10.

Step 1 : Select the Python exe file

Please navigate your windows file system to the Python IDE Software that we downloaded previously, and click on the Python-3.6.1.exe application to install python IDE in windows. Or, if you downloaded the file using Firefox, then do as shown below. Remember, the version number might be different in your case.

Download and Install Python 3

Step 2 : Hit Run button

Once you click on install Python application (Python-3.6.1.exe), the below-shown window opened. It is a Security warning, and it may only appear if you have any security measures. Otherwise, skip this and go to step 3.

Download and Install Python 4

Step 3 : Select Install Now

We selected the Install Now option (default). It installs the python software in the windows 10 App Data folder, and it includes the Python software, command prompt, and IDE to work with Python.

Download and Install Python 5

Step 4 : Python installation process in windows 10

Wait until the Python installation completed. Next, click the Close button to complete the Python Installation in windows.

Download and Install Python 8

Step 5 : Open Python IDE

Let me open the Python IDE (IDLE (Python 3.6 32-bit)) for windows to check whether the default IDE is working correctly or not. As you can see, it is working well.

Download and Install Python 9