Creating SSAS Measure Groups

A Measure in SSAS is a single Numeric value (Means single column in a table). In contrast, a Measure Group is a collection of measures. Or we can say Group of all the columns present in a table. For instance, internet sales table [Sales Amount] and [Tax Amount] are the individual measures, and the Group of all the columns considered as the SSAS Measure group.

Creating SSAS Measure Group Example

After the completion of creating Empty OLAP Cube using Wizard, we have to create Measures or Measure Groups. Before we start creating New Measure Group, let us see our Measures Pane in Cube Editor

SSAS Measure Groups 1

To create a new measure group in SSAS, Within the Measures pane, right-click on the cube name will open the context menu for creating Measures.

SSAS Measure Groups 2

From the above context menu, we have two options, such as New Measure and New Measure Group. In this SSAS example, we are creating a measure group, so please select the New Measure Group option.

NOTE: When we select the New Measure Group option, then all the columns present in the table will be selected by default. Most of the time, we don’t require all the columns present in the fact table, so this is a terrible option, to be frank.

Once you select the New Measure Group option, the New Measure Group window will open, and it displays the available tables in the Data Source View.

Choose Tables 3

Here we are selecting the FactInternetSales table from the list.

We chose the Internet Sales table 4

Click ok to finish configuring the SSAS Measure Group (Fact Internet Sales). Let us see the Measures Pane for the newly created Measure Group.

SSAS Measure Groups 5

If you look at the above screenshot, you can understand why this is the wrong choice. If we don’t want any measure like Revision Member, then we have to remove it explicitly.