Create SQL Server Native Client Connection

Microsoft’s SQL Server Native Client 11.0 driver is a single DLL (dynamic link library). That contains run-time support for the application using APIs to connect with SQL Server 2005 to 2014 and Windows Azure Database.

When working with SQL Server, this connection is faster than the ODBC Connection. Let me show you the step-by-step approach to Creating SQL Server Native Client Connections in Windows 10.

How to Create SQL Server Native Client Connection

Step 1: Go to the search bar and type the Setup ODBC data sources, and this shows two options: 32-bit & 64-bit. Our system is 32-bit, so we are selecting the Setup ODBC data sources (32-bit)

TIP: If your system is 64-bit, select the 64-bit and follow the remaining steps.

Click the Set up ODBC Data Source from start programs 0

Step 2: Once you click on the Setup ODBC data sources (34-bit) option, ODBC Data Source Administrator (34-bit) Window opens. Please click on the Add button to add a new data source. Here, we are selecting the Native Client 11.0 (Only for SQL Server )

TIP: Please refer to Create ODBC Connection to understand the steps involved in creating an ODBC connection in Windows.

Create SQL Server Native Client Connection 1

Step 3: Once you click the Finish button, a new window called Create a New Data Source to SQL Server opens. Please fill in the required details:

  • Name: Please specify a unique name for this ODBC Connection. Here, we are assigning the name.
  • Description: Please specify the accurate description of the connection we will establish.
  • Server: Please specify the Database Server name.
Assign Name, Description, and choose the Server Instance 2

Step 4: Next, We have to provide the required credentials to connect with it. Let us provide the Username and password for my Microsoft SQL Server Native Client. Once you fill in the details, click on the Next button. It connects the database and displays the list of databases available for the user tutorial gateway.

TIP: Please replace those credentials with your credentials.

Login ID and Password to login 3

Step 5: From the screenshot below, you can observe that we are selecting the Adventure Works DW 2014 database as our default database.

Change the Default Database to 4

Step 6: Click the Finish button to finish configuring the SQL Server Native Client Connection in Windows.

Create SQL Server Native Client Connection 5

Once you click on the finish button, a pop-up window opens to test the established data connection. Either you can test it by clicking the Test Data Sources.. button or else cancel it. It is always advisable to test the data source before finishing configuring.

Click the Test Data Source to verify 6

The screenshot below shows that it is displaying Test completed Successfully as the test result.

Test completed Successfully 7

The following screenshot shows the newly created SQL Server Native Client Connection. Click OK to close the window.

Create SQL Server Native Client Connection 8