Connecting Tableau To PDF File

Tableau has a beautiful option to connect and read data from the PDF file. This article will show you the steps involved in connecting Tableau to a PDF file with an example. The screenshot below will show you the PDF we download from the Indian government website.

Sample File

On the 62 pages, you can see the simple table; our job is to read it from the Tableau desktop.

Simple Table in a Page

Connecting Tableau To PDF File

First, open the desktop and click the connect to a PDF file option. It will open a window to choose the existing PDF file from the file system. Let us select to latest Indian food processing annual report file that we have shown above.

Connecting Tableau To PDF File Option

It opens the Scan PDF file window with the options of selecting All, Single Page, or the custom range of pages. For now, we are choosing All, but it is always a good practice to use the required page by choosing between Single Page or Start and End Range.

Choose between All, Single Page, or the custom range of pages

Now, you can see all the tables inside the PDF file.

See all the Tables list

Let me drag the table from the 62 pages and see if Tableau displays or reads the same table we saw in the PDF file.

Connecting Tableau To PDF File and reading table data

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