Connect Tableau to a Pipe Delimiter Text File

This article shows how to connect with the Pipe or Vertical Bar delimiter text file, load its data into the tableau desktop, and design a chart.

The below screenshot shows that each column separates by a Pipe or Vertical Bar.

File 1

Connect Tableau to a Pipe or Vertical Bar Delimiter Text File

Clicking the text file option will open the window to choose the Pipe delimited file.

Choose the Text File 2


As you can see, the Tableau desktop loaded the Pipe file and automatically separated the columns using a Vertical Bar delimiter.

Pipe Delimiter File 3

If it is not the case, choose the Text File Properties.. option.

Text File Properties 4

By default, the desktop has chosen Vertical Bar as the Field separator. 

Pipe Delimiter File 5

If not, by any chance, it has chosen a comma; the data looks like below.

Change Field Separator to Pipe Delimiter 6

Change the Field Separator from Comma to Vertical Bar from the list of available separators.

Change the Field Separator to Vertical Bar 7

Drag Income to Rows and Education to Columns shelf. Next, add the Education dimension to the Color shelf and Income to Label. 

Connect Tableau to a Pipe or Vertical Bar Delimiter Text File 8

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