C Program to Reverse a Number using Recursive Function

Write a C program to reverse a number using a recursive function. In this example, the user-defined function accepts the integer and iterates the value recursively to reverse the given number. On each iteration, the reverse variable will collect the last digit of a number.

#include <stdio.h>

int rem, reverse = 0;

int reverse_number(int Number)
  if (Number > 0)
     rem = Number % 10;
     reverse = reverse * 10 + rem;
     reverse_number (Number /10);
   return reverse;
int main()
  int number;

  printf("Please Enter any number to Reverse = ");
  scanf("%d", &number);

  reverse = reverse_number(number);

  printf("Reverse of entered number %d = %d\n", number, reverse);
Reverse a Number using Recursive Function