ATAN Function in C

The C ATAN Function is a Math Library Function. It is used to calculate the Trigonometry Arc Tangent value for the specified expression or value. The syntax of the atan is

double atan(double number);

ATAN Function in C Example

The atan Function in the math library helps you to find the trigonometric Arc Tangent for the specified values. This program asks the user to enter their own value and then find the arc tangent value of the user entered one.

TIP: Please refer to the TAN Function article in Programming to calculate the Tangent value of a specified expression.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

int main()
  double atanValue, number;
  printf(" Please Enter any Floating Value to calculate Arc Tangent :  ");
  scanf("%lf", &number);
  atanValue = atan(number);
  printf("\n The Arc Tangent value of %lf = %f ", number, atanValue);
  return 0;
ATAN Function in C Programming Example 1

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