ASIN Function in C

The C ASIN Function is a C Math Library Function, used to calculate Trigonometry Arc Sine value for the specified expression or value. The syntax of the asin in C Programming is

double asin(double number);

ASIN Function in C Example

The asin Math Function helps you to find the trigonometry Arc Sine for the user-specified values.

This asin program asks the user to enter his / her own value. Then it will find the arcsine value of the user entered one. Please refer to the C SIN Function article to calculate the Sine value of a specified expression

/* Example for ASIN Function in C Programming */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

int main()
  double asinValue, number;
  printf("\n Please Enter the Values between -1 and 1 to calculate Arc Sine Value :  ");
  scanf("%lf", &number);
  asinValue = asin(number);
  printf("\n The Arc Sine value of %lf = %f ", number, asinValue);
  return 0;
ASIN Function in C Programming 1