Charts in SSRS

Charts in SSRS 1

Reporting tools are useful to analyze the data as per the business requirements. While investigating the data, some companies might be interested in Table or Matrix reports. However, most companies use Charts (Graphical Representation of data) to see the Trends, Sales Comparisons, etc. Like other reporting tools, SQL Reporting Services also provides several built-in charts to visualize the data. And, in … Read more

Funnel Chart in SSRS

Funnel Chart in SSRS 20

A Funnel Chart in SSRS is useful to visualize the Data in stage-wise. For example, we can use the SSRS Funnel Charts to visualize the number of resources we used in each stage of our product development or Wastage percentage or production cost. In this article, we will show you how to create an SSRS … Read more