ADO.NET Source in SSIS

ADO.NET Source in SSIS 7

The ADO.NET Source in SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) is used to extract data from the Database using .Net provider. The ADO.NET Source in SSIS uses ADO.NET Connection Manager to connect with the Database. Configuring ADO.NET Source in SSIS Drag and drop the data flow task from the toolbox to control flow and change the … Read more

Pivot Transformation in SSIS

SSIS Pivot Transformation 6

The Pivot Transformation in SSIS is used to perform pivot operations on input data (Source Data). A pivot operation in SSIS means converting individual row data into separate columns. Here, we will explain Pivot Transformation in SSIS using a simple example so that you can understand it better. Pivot Transformation is precisely the opposite of … Read more

Merge Transformation in SSIS

SSIS Merge Transformation 12

Merge Transformation in SSIS is used to merge two inputs (such as tables or files) and produce one output. Merge Transformation is very useful when we want to combine the error path data (after handling the errors) and normal data. This SSIS Merge transformation uses key column values to insert the data into destination columns. … Read more