Restore Database in SQL Server using BAK

How to Restore Database in SQL Server using BAK file?. For this demonstration, we are going to use the Management Studio to restore the database from the .bak file.

As you can see, the server does not have the AdventureWorks2017 database

Databases in management studio Object Explorer 1

See that the Mdf and ldf files corresponding to the AdventureWorks2017 are not there in C Drive.

TIP: Please refer to Backup Database for creating a database backup, and refer to Maintenance Plan for creating regular database backups in SQL Server.

Open File location to view existing msg and ldd files 2

We have a Backup file in our D Drive, and we use this file to restore

Check the existing BAK file 3

Restore Database in SQL Server using BAK File

Right-click on the Databases folder and select the Restore Databases… option.

Restore Database in SQL Server using BAK 4

Selecting the Restore Databases.. option, it will open the following window.

Restore DB window 5

In this example, we want to restore a database from the file system. So, let me select the Device option. Next, click on the … button will open the following window.

Select the Backup Device 6

Click on the Add button and select the backup file by navigating to the file location.

Choose the DB BAK file 7

Click OK to restore the Adventureworks database

Restore Database in SQL Server using BAK 8

Please wait until the restore finished.

Wait till the process complete 9

Click OK to Restore Database using bak file.

Successful Message  10

Now you can see the Adventure Works 2017 database in the Management Studio.

View DB in SSMS Object explore 11

The above process has automatically added the Mdf and ldf files to the C Drive.

Autogenerated MDF and LDF Files in Local File System 12