Is SQL a Database?

Is SQL a database? : It is not a database. SQL works against a database, including creating a database, inserting data into it, and extra, delete, and update the data. The important part is working with database security.

In one line, we can say SQL queries are meant to work with databases. These days, most database management systems have a better interface where we can use a few mouse clicks to get the job done. However, previously without this, you can’t do anything with the database.

What is SQL in Database?

SQL is to communicate or query against relational databases. According to ANSI, it is the standard language for Relational database management systems. The definition goes like this, SQL means the Structured Query Language that lets you select, access, control, and manipulate the data present in a database. Select is the most common statement that we used in SQL quires.

SQL statements are easy to read and understand, yet they are very powerful ones. A single SQL statement can affect or change the data forever. For example, let say DELETE FROM Employees will remove the whole table. So, you always have to be conscious while working with transact queries.

While working inside a SQL Management Studio, you can use the context menu to get the top 1000 records, edit the column and their data, etc. You can also use the intelligence to get the recommendations or suggestions while typing on the query window. However, it is always good practice to know the syntaxes before pushing yourself on real data. If you are trying to communicate from any other programming languages, you can use ODBC, SQL Native connection strings, etc.

The most often or common statements are

  1. SELECT – To select or get data from tables.
  2. CREATE – To create database, tables, etc.
  3. WHERE – Filter the data using conditions.
  4. ORDER BY – Sort the record set.
  5. INSERT – Add record(s) to a table.
  6. UPDATE – Modify the existing records.
  7. DELETE – Delete record(s) from a table.

Apart from the above, it has many pre-built functions that you can use on the tables to perform all the operations.