How to write a Blog Post on Blogger

Creating a blog is all about providing a Blog tile and selecting URLs. However, the real process is creating or generating content that is unique and exciting. Blog posts on Blogger allow us to create or write our content. In our previous article, we have shown you, How to Create a Blog on Blogger, and here we show you how to write a Blog Post on Blogger with an example.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger Platform

To write a blog post on blogger, Please navigate to the Posts section in your Blogger dashboard. If there are any existing posts, then you can see them here. Otherwise, you see the following image. Blogger blog allows us to add content / create a new blog post in multiple ways:

From the below Blogger screenshot, you can observe that, We can click on the New Post button or small pencil icon or Create or write a New blog post hyperlink text.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger 1

Once you click on New Post, the following window opens. Before we start writing our first blog post, let us see the option or buttons available in this section:

  • Post Title: Here, you have to specify the Post title that is relevant to the content.
  • Publish: This button helps us to publish the newly created Post.
  • Save: This button helps us to save the content. This option is very useful because we may write one paragraph in the morning session and another paragraph in the evening. Instead of publishing half the content, we can use this button to save it, and once we finish, we can publish it.
  • Preview: This button helps us to preview the content. It will show you, How it looks in real-time (uses Styles and Templates)
  • Close: This button helps us to close the current post.

Blogger provides two Editors/environments for writing a blog post:

  • Compose: This is similar to Microsoft Word. Here you can write the content without looking for HTML start or end tags. The following screenshot shows the same. We don’t need any technical knowledge to use this editor.
  • HTML: This is the proper HTML editor. If you are familiar with and comfortable with writing in HTML, then use this editor. In general, we don’t use this editor unless you have already written your posts in HTML.
Add Post Title 2

The following screenshot shows the HTML editor.

Compose in HTML 3

A compose editor provides an option to select whether the text is a normal paragraph or Heading or Subheading. Here you have to select the option as per your requirement.

Change font to normal, heading, subheading,  or minor heading 4

From the screenshot below, you can observe that we added Heading, Subheading, Minor Heading, and a paragraph under each heading. Before we preview the data, let us see the HTML code that is automatically generated by the Blogger.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger 5

The following screenshot shows the automatically generated HTML code for the above content. Click on the Blogger Preview button to see the written Blog Post.

Preview button 6

Once you click on the Preview button, our blog opens, and you see our newly created post. If you are happy with the output, then publish the article otherwise, edit as per the requirements. For now, we are publishing the content by clicking the Publish button.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger 7

Once you click on the Publish button, it asks whether you want to share the blog post on your Google Plus account or Not. We strictly recommend you share. So, Please Add the required comments (if you want) and click the Share button.

Share on Google+ option 8

Edit already Written Blog Posts on Blogger

To edit the existing post, please navigate to the Posts section in your Blogger dashboard. Here you can see our newly published post, and we show the step by step approach to editing this blog post.

From the following screenshot, you can observe that for every post, we have four different options:

  • Edit: This hyperlink helps to edit the post content.
  • View: This hyperlink helps to view this post.
  • Share: It can help us to share this post on Google plus.
  • Delete: To delete this post.

Here, we want to edit the blog post, so click on the Edit link

Edit Post Option 9

Once you finish editing your post, click on the Update button to update the original content. We strictly recommend you to click on the Preview button first and if everything is perfect, then click on the Update button.

Click the Update Button and Preview button 10

Once you click on the Preview button, Our blogger opens in preview mode.

Check the Preview 11